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Business Challenges


As fully functional business, regardless of size, there are a number of ongoing challenges that are interdependent to each other. As a business that relies on the utilisation of your fleet to add considerable revenue to your bottom line - you would want to make best use of that fleet - to ensure that it is optimised correctly, and prolonging the lifespan of your fleet.


With a number of stakeholders, who have a vested interest in a more productive and efficient business operation, it becomes increasingly important to partner with a Telematics Solution Partner that understands the commercial world, fleet management and ROI.


FleetSeek has a knowledgable team that has real-time commercial experience, that is able to work with you to develop a dynamic Telematics Solution, inline with your business ROI strategy!



Chief Executive Officer

Integrating a telematics system with customers, partners or suppliers can provide a platform for key customer retention initiatives as well as helping to establish stronger and closer working relationships with them.

As a CEO, you need a telematics strategy that yields maximum corporate agility and operational effectiveness. FleetSeek Telematics solutions represent an opportunity to improve the bottom line. The need to maintain an efficient, productive fleet operation while keeping operating costs in check - makes a FleetSeek telematics solution essential!

Chief Marketing Officer

Providing value added services to your customers will increase your revenue.

As a Chief Marketing Officer you will need to put pressure on the organisation to offer value added services to your customers and address their problems before your competitors do. FleetSeek Telematics Solutions provide organisations with tools that create closer relationships through business integration with exisiting internal customer relationship systems.

Chief Finance Officer

As a CFO you need a cost-effective strategy for key internal systems, however maintaining the integrity of the service that you provide. Thus making it a high priority to implement a Telematic solution that a Fleet Manager can use, integrate, is reliable, and easily accessible, to maintain business effeciency and customer satisfaction.
Failure to implement a robust Telematics solution to optimise fleet performance can result in loss of revenue due to a fleet that is operating inefficiently, reducing overall profits for the business. Additional costs can be maintainence, speeding fines, asset life span etc. The implementation of a trusted Telematics solution is a credible investment - allowing businesses to plan for furture projects, incorporate realistic financial forecasts and present competitive proposals for new business.
FleetSeek's expertise can help you achieve real business results, with an array of features, which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. Our solution produces the same results as complex systems from competitors at a much more affordable price!

Fleet Manager

Fleet Managers' manage a whole host of responsibilities, ranging from management and training of drivers, through to transport compliance, and driver and vehicle safety. Managing on-going government lesgislation OH&S iniatives, and a fully functional Fleet - is demanding, require efficiency, and real-time knowledge of fleet locations.
As a business develops, and grows due to new business wins, the demand for service and managing that service becomes more and more valuable. The implementation of a instinctive Telematics Solution becomes evident - and having access to this on the go is critical .
FleetSeek has a range of solutions to manage these responsibilities including monitoring driver and vehicle safety, emissions and fuel efficiency. Our team is knowledgeable and have a real-time understanding of business needs, and the tools that are needed to make the most of your Fleet Assets. We pride ourselves on creating partnerships with businesses - so that we work together to achieve your result!!