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A First for Australia with the CAMtracker Live: A Telematics Camera

Reduce accidents, minimise claim costs and protect your fleet. Among the first in Australia, we provde fleet cameras Australia wide, this driver saftey camera also features telematics technology. As well as being able to view live footage from the dash cam as it happens, other data is also regularly updated. GPS position, temperature systems and braking are recorded in order for CAMtracker to better detect unsafe driving. This driver safety camera is currently working for fleets across 15 countries with almost 100 million miles being monitored monthly. Worldwide fleet camera specialist. 


How does it work?

The telematics system within the CAMtracker Live unit collects data from the vehicle as it is being driven. This data is then stored in a non-volatile internal memory as well as backed up on an external SD Card. When the vehicle is within the mobile network coverage, the unit transmits the records to a secure cloud database and a designated server. Users can then log in and access this information from a mobile device or desktop browser. The information collected by the CAMtracker includes anything that is measured electronically such as speed, braking, usage of the auxiliary equipment, opening doors, passenger counter and even temperature. All of these details can help you identify areas that can be improved. These specialist fleet cameras australia wide are suitable for national business needs.




We also have a Second Camera option & Audio features

You can also add a second camera, which you can have facing your driver, in addition to this nifty feature, we also have Audio - so you can have eyes and ears on the road.  Great for meeting all of your OH&S requirements.




Benefits for companies in Australia

With the CAMtracker Live, Australian businesses can be alerted as soon as any driver exceeds a speed limit, performs harsh manoeuvres or is unnecessarily idle. As a result, this can:

  • Reduce the accident frequency among the fleet by up to 60%
  • Decrease average third party claim costs by more than 25%
  • Allow you to identify drivers that require additional training
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improve productivity.

The backup system in use minimises the risk of corruption and data loss. In the event of an accident, the camera feature allows you to easily prove what really happened and immediately claim intervention. Looking for more handy solutions? Check out the rest of the range from FleetSeek.




Protect your drivers with CAMtracker Live, exclusively in Australia by FleetSeek. Call us on 1300 693 533 or email us at


Alterntively why not arrange a FREE NO STRINGS attached Web Demonstration!! It only takes 10-15mins, see for yourself how you can reduce business costs, monitor OH&S, and increase Productivity!






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