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Rainkine Thompson Australia Pty Ltd

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Construction / Plant & Equipment



The equipment and tools that are used within the Construction industry are critical to delivering on projects, big and small. It is vital that these valued tools are utilised properly, and maintained to increase the lifespan of each piece of equipment, vehicle, or plant.


This robust machinery – need to be monitored in unique ways, that are in line with industry compliance standards, and Real-Time visibility is highly important. FleetSeek has specially developed solutions that are made especially for the Construction / Plant & Equipment industries.


A highly knowledgeable provider, and Fatigue management Australia specialist, our units can also monitor safety for drivers, with an array of reports and alerts. FleetSeek has the know-how and hands on experience in giving you the right monitoring solutions, at the touch of a button. Our solutions can integrate with you existing systems, so that you don’t have to worry about juggling several Monitoring and OH&S tools.


Some of the benefits our solutions:


  • Theft Protection & Recovery (know exactly where your assets are, and if and when they leave sites)
  • Monitoring Engine Hours (LIVE Engine Data, that is admissible)
  • Fatigue Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Improve Driver Behaviour & Safety and Efficiency
  • GeoFence Reporting
  • We can also add Driver ID, so you can monitor every single driver that uses any given unit
  • We can also offer remote immobilisation of any equipment
  • Remote Access – monitor equipment usage, such as operating winch, or cranes, or even monitoring when trailer doors are opened or closed. And a whole host of other elements in your fleet.
  • Includes connection to hydraulics to read activity around whether or not hydraulics / and or Winch has been activated
  • Includes connection to the Tilt Tray to show where, when and how often it has been engaged
  • Fatigue Management australia wide, gives you key coverage, with real-time speed reports, sensitivity reporting, and over use reporting.



Our solutions are designed so that you can utilise your fleet and equipment in the most productive way possible. Don’t say NO! to projects that your company could easily take on just by improving efficiencies, FleetSeek is just that – a partner that wants your bottom line to improve!!