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Rainkine Thompson Australia Pty Ltd

Trading as FleetSeek


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Government & Corportate



Our specially tailored Government & Corporate solutions, deliver robust coverage, and comprehensive reporting as part of our Fully Integratable GPS Tracking & GPS Camera Tracking Solutions, with the added piece of mind of having our coveted Fleet Management tools. We get BIG, and intricate! The needs of Government & Corporate industries are unique, as should the solutions that service them!


FleetSeek – is a truly adaptable solution that can fit in with your business systems, and work seamlessly providing you with critical data at the touch of a button. We can also ensure that this data is stored on your own internal servers – for added piece of mind!!


All of this in a Real-Time environment, so you can Track your vehicles NOW, and not 5 minutes down the line! Some of the benefits of our solutions:


  • Theft Protection & Recovery
  • Monitoring Engine Hours
  • Job Dispatch
  • Fatigue Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Live data across all features!! Many other GPS solution providers have a delay of several minutes or more for their data services.  
  • Improve Driver Behaviour & Safety and Efficiency
  • Run daily reports across your fleet
  • GeoFence Reporting
  • We can also add Driver ID, so you can monitor every single driver that uses any given unit
  • We can also offer remote immobilisation of any equipment
  • Live messaging to in-cab screen, so you can send any job directly to the driver/vehicle. Including job numbers
  • Remote Access – monitor equipment usage, such as operating winch, or cranes, or even monitoring when trailer doors are opened or closed. And a whole host of other elements in your fleet.


Our dedicated Account Managers ensure that you get the best out of our solutions. Improvements across productivity, and utilisation are just some of our strong points. We can help you with the improvement of efficiencies across your fleet. OH&S is also a key feature of our solutions – and with our full IVMS solutions you can ensure that that your safety standards are uncompromising. We also value greener approaches to business, and with our CO2 emission monitoring feature you can meet compliance standards and improve on these.