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Utilities businesses, are frequently customer facing in one capacity or another. Typically one can expect utilities providers to have several vehicles on the road at any given time. These vehicles can be across Australia, in remote areas or densely populated cities. It is critical in that case for utilities companies to be able to track their fleet in a Real-Time environment, whether this is for job dispatch, improvements to productivity and bottom line, or OH&S. reasons


FleetSeek has an impressive track record of working with national fleets, and is no stranger to managing large fleets. All of our solutions come with the latest technology, with Real-Time updates, and at the touch of a button reporting as standard –so you can monitor your fleet with ease. Our monitoring software is available on your Computer, Tablet or Mobile device, so that you can monitor your Fleet anytime, anywhere!! Safety and Security is paramount, and are key features in all of solutions, and you can easily immobilise vehicles, or implement duress alarms (both driver, and vehicle) so that your drivers are safe on the roads!!


FleetSeek is a fully comprehensive solution, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Some of features are listed below:

  • Theft Protection & Recovery
  • Monitoring Engine Hours
  • Job Dispatching software
  • EWD (elctronic work diary) - (NHVR is regulating this, they stipulate until EWDs are rolled out as a voluntary alternative, a written work diary must still be used even when an electronic system for recording work and rest hours is in use.) Visit NHVR EWD FAQ - currently there a no EWD's approved by NHVR (visit site)
  • Live data across all features!! Many other GPS solution providers have a delay of several minutes or more for their data services.  
  • Improve Driver Behaviour & Safety and Efficiency
  • Run daily reports across your fleet
  • We have developed reports that will send you alerts when a truck leaves a designated area such as a depot, or if it operates outside of hours – this can be set up as a voice call
  • We can also add Driver ID, so you can monitor every single driver that uses any given unit
  • We can also offer remote immobilisation of any equipment
  • Live messaging to in-cab screen, so you can send any job directly to the driver/vehicle. Including job numbers
  • Remote Access – monitor equipment usage, such as operating winch, or cranes, or even monitoring when trailer doors are opened or closed. And a whole host of other elements in your fleet.


FleetSeek has the Fleet Management technology that will enable you improve operational efficiency, with our unique job dispatching software, or if you have a need for an EWD (electronic work diary) that monitors, calculates and records work and rest times.  Our EWD feature enables  you to do just that. You will also be able to effectively monitor your fleet so that you can better dispatch your units so that you have better profit margins, and better customer relations, and great turnaround times. All this while saving on unnecessary fuel spend!!