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To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.


For many transport and service businesses, their 2 major operating expenses are human resources and vehicle costs. RTL’s FleetSeek system will help manage and monitor these assets and ensure that you get the most out of them.


LIVE GPS Tracking & NextG GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track and Historical Trace

Through our GPS vehicle tracking systems, FleetSeek has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom line by driving down fleet vehicle tracking operating costs, and improving fleet productivity (so increasing revenues).

The FleetSeek NextG GPS Vehicle Tracking / 3G GPS Tracking system is an easy-to-use, internet based application that provides everything you need to improve your fleets efficiency, safety and emissions. It has the capacity for 3G GPS tracking Australia wide.

Our live GPS vehicle tracking systems system provide a complete suite of the most commonly demanded reports. This includes history, summary, journey, location, speeding, idling, working hours and more. All reports are fully customisable so that information can be personalised to your business. 

Locate all your vehicles 24 hours a day using detailed street level road maps and satellite aerial mapping.

  • Multiuser logins for different access levels
  • Easy access from any web based computer
  • Also accessible via Android  and iPhone/iPad application
  • All LIVE GPS tracking data can be kept, named and saved
  • All historical data is kept forever so there is no time limit on how far back you can report.
  • Touch type display at bottom of screen showing various stages of journey, key on, key off, idling, moving, speeding etc.
  • Easy automatic replay controls, just like a video recorder
  • All LIVE GPS Tracking reports can be kept, named and saved

All fleet GPS Tracker activity data is freely and easily accessible with our unique GPS Tracker, and Fleet management solutions. This allows for easy review of vehicle movements and activities whether to resolve disputes, provide proof of service or reconcile time sheets.

Trip and Stop Reporting

  • Records accurate travel times and trip distances including daily totals of travel times and distances
  • The quick view function highlights route each trip took
  • Reports can be generated by either key on/off or excessive idle to ensure each stop is captured
  • Text based reports can be produced in MS Excel, PDF and others

Geofencing  (Site Reporting)

Part of the 3G GPS tracking functionality, a geofence marks and names a piece of land allowing you to report who, what, when and how long a vehicle entered a particular area with their vehicle.  Our geofencing functionality also allows reports to be created on entries within a geofence prior to that particular fence being created.


Geofence Notifications

  • Allows users to set geofence alerts for triggers such as vehicles spending too long in or enter/leaving selected geofences
  • Notification can be via phone, SMS and/or vehicle highlight on the track screen with additional pop up window notification


Driver ID/Driver Hours

Our easy to use 3G GPS Tracking driver ID device will give you live and historical information on who is driving the vehicle at any given time.

Each driver will have an ID tag which they then swipe when starting the vehicle. If they fail to do so a buzzer will sound once they start driving to remind them. 

You can also run reports showing the driver’s hours over any given time.


Maintenance/ODO Report

This report allows you to report on the kilometres travelled over a set time. You are able to view the entire fleet at once or you can select individual units and report over any duration.

The report also has a schedule so that you can set up maintenance requirements and be alerted when they are due as well as last serviced.

A maintenance report can also be utilised to record and remind you when registration, roadworthy or any other item is due. 


Accelerometer Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Passenger comfort levels are based on measurements taken from the accelerometer, which is a built in component on the FleetSeek box. 


How it works

The 3-way accelerometer measures forward acceleration, deceleration and lateral acceleration (i.e. how fast the vehicle is going around corners) in G forces. 

The report will be in both text based and map quick view to show you the date, time and place the event occurred. 



  • Driver and vehicle passenger safety
  • Creating KPI’s as business metrics for gauging driver safety / passenger comfort levels


Messaging/Dispatch and Navigation

Vehicles fitted with a FleetSeek GPS vehicle tracking unit can receive directions and messages instantly from the FleetSeek website. When directions are sent the device it navigates the vehicle to the specified location once accepted. 

Drivers of vehicles can reply “accept” or “decline” to jobs, as well as reply by personalised messages.

Proof of delivery of sent messages, as well as confirmation they have been read or deleted is shown on FleetSeek to ensure accountability. 

The navigation units can be used by drivers as a normal GPS Tracker and hands free also.

Digital Inputs/PTO

FleetSeek GPS Tracker has multiple digital inputs available and is easy to connect. This enables you to monitor the live and historic usage of additional vehicle components and report on the location of where it is used and its duration. 


Mobile Phone Apps

If you’re not in front of your computer, you can also access the FleetSeek 3G GPS vehicle tracking system when you‘re on the run with our mobile/tablet app.

Available with Apple and Android, our free app gives you remote LIVE GPS tracking visibility for all vehicles and their previous journeys at a click of a button.



  • Lower fuel bills, maintenance charges and communication costs = reduction in total operational costs
  • Better productivity and vehicle utilisation = increased revenues
  • Better customer service = improved satisfaction
  • Ability to identify hidden liabilities, such as out of hours vehicle usage, poor driver behaviour, and fraudulent claims for overtime
  • Higher level of legislative compliance regarding working times and conditions
  • Better journey/task efficiency = lower carbon footprint
  • Improved policy adherence and driver safety
  • Enhanced fleet security


 The FleetSeek, LIVE GPS Tracking solution enables you to organise and manage your fleet easily. Not only that our unique GPS Tracker allows to have eyes on the road, and monitor safety. With our coveted 3G GPS Tracking technology you are on control of your fleet.


Used Nation-wide our Vehicle tracking, and GPS tracker solutions are highly regarded as the best on the market! LIVE GPS Tracking has never been easier to use, or more adaptive than the FleetSeek solutions. Get your business set up with the latest 3G GPS Tracking technology today! Give one of our Consultants a call today!