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Rainkine Thompson Australia Pty Ltd

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Reduce processing time and increase output.


Through our suite of standard reports, we can provide you with an overview of key operational data and added insight into your fleet performance. This not only allows you to streamline and simplify administrative processes, but also identify areas of underperformance and inefficiency to support the greater optimisation of mobile assets. 


Minimize downtime with heavy equipment monitoring, scheduled vehicle maintenance and timesheet logs.





Recognise the warning signs.


Our safety solutions combine advanced telematics technology that work together with driver, engine and vehicle systems. By capturing the widest range of operational data, we can create the clearest possible view of your construction fleet to help eliminate accidents, reduce insurance claims and protect your assets.


Use our proprietary methodologies to ensure that all assets are in optimum condition and are being operated in a safe manner.
















Historical trend analysis and accurate forecasting.


Our integrated hardware and software solutions enable you to streamline the operation of your assets, leading to more efficient vehicle usage and reduced overheads. Track historical performance and inform future forecasts to help make more competitive bids for new contracts.


We provide services for fleets all over the world, so wherever your next project is, our telematics solutions will work for you.

At a Glance

Display all of your assets and drivers on a single screen, providing a quick insight into the current status of your operations.

Proactive Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance and use automated monitoring of vehicle diagnostics to eliminate unnecessary servicing.

Everyone’s Involved

Group teams of employees, gain access to insightful management tools and track multiple assets simultaneously.

Efficient Driving

Identify and reduce inefficient driving practices, including over-rev, poor gear selection, excessing idling and harsh manoeuvres.

Stop Unauthorised Use

With continuous monitoring and the ability to create custom notifications and alerts, you can eradicate unauthorised use and fraudulent mileage claims.

Vehicle Longevity

Detect, monitor and react to vehicle wear using advanced vehicle data systems. Identify causes of deterioration and encourage good driving techniques.

Maximise Payloads

Accurately monitor payloads to optimise vehicle usage, avoid unnecessary trips and stay within legal mass constraints.

Safe and Secure

Know where your assets are 24/7 and receive instant alerts to discourage theft and speed up asset recovery.

Limit Liability

Accurate GPS and accelerometer data can verify vehicle locations, movements and driving styles to eliminate fraudulent insurance claims.


Streamlined Administration

Keep on top of administrative tasks with simple reports and checklists. Download driver timesheets, service schedules and pre-trip checklists.

Complete Optimisation

Use detailed reports to fully understand asset usage and facilitate better decision making, reducing and redeploying under-utilised assets.

Higher Returns

Separate business and personal mileage, and accurately monitor working hours, to inform business strategy and generate more accurate contract tenders.