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To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.



Benefits of FleetSeek

What are the Benefits of FleetSeek?

For many transport and service businesses, their 2 major operating expenses are human resources and commercial vehicles. The challenge for managers remains how to easily and accurately monitor these. The FleetSeek solution helps managers get the most out of their fleet by providing the following benefits.


Knowledge of Where Your Vehicles are at all times

24 hours a day. 7 days a week you can see where your vehicles are from any PC connected to the internet.


Increased amount of billable time due to accuracy of Reporting

Stop reports measure exactly the duration that a visit has taken so accurate billable times maximise ability to bring in revenue.


Accurate Travel Time and Distance Reporting

Trip reports will automate job sheets complete with accurate to the minute or to the tenth of a kilometre reporting data so you can accurately charge travel costs.


Emissions Monitoring

Comprehensive solutions to measure, manage and monitor your fleet's ecological impact on the environment.


Better scheduling means more time for more jobs

By sending nearby vehicles to jobs you will reduce travel times, and will be able to use the time saved working on other jobs. Fuel saving will also be a result of smarter scheduling.


Less Paperwork

Workers will no longer be required to complete job sheets, as FleetSeek produces these reports, saving time for the drivers and reduces the inconvenience caused messy or incomplete paperwork.


OH & S Benefits

For people conducting dangerous activities or for lone workers their employees are able to monitor their workers whereabouts easily


Improved Customer Service

Rather than relying on guesswork that may be inaccurate when answering customer queries about an employees location. Our solution will provide easy to obtain accurate answers in real time. You can also access archived fleet data to answer questions relating to historical events with certainly.


Fewer Invoice Discrepancies

Should a dispute over an invoice ever arrive, reports can be accessed at any time to provide evidence should to support an argument relating to a visit to an address, travel times or time on site.


Reduced Communication Costs

Instead of expensive phone calls to your employees mobiles all day, simply refresh the page and you know can see exactly where your employees are.


Fewer Worker Disturbances

Constantly contacting your employees in the field to attain there whereabouts is a time consuming process. By using FleetSeek, no one needs to make that call and the worker can get on with completing their job.


Truck Engine Data Reporting

RTL have extensive experience in generating reports that detail the efficiency and safety level that a driver displays as well as monitoring the carbon emission output of the vehicle. Engine Reporting is only available on trucks and not passenger cars. More information on this solution can be found at our global homepage.