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To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.




LIVE Temperature Monitoring Refrigerated Vehicles

  • Live combined vehicle tracking and temperature monitoring
  • Monitor real-time visibility of temperatures across your fleet
  • Provide customers with proof of load temperature
  • Real-time alerts via SMS, email and Voip
  • Audit trail for reporting and dealing with discrepancies


The Challenge


In a highly competitive market, operators are looking for new technologies that can give them a competitive advantage in running a more efficient and productive refrigerated transport operation.


The Solution


The FleetSeek live temperature monitoring refrigerated vehicles and reporting software provides invaluable real-time temperature information and exception alerts to ensure a reliable cool product chain. The moment any sensor exceeds its temperature range it will generate an SMS, email and Voip call to a pre-determined number of users. The temperature data stored in the FleetSeek system can be used to generate reports to monitor, analyze and evaluate the refrigerated fleets performance, including temperature conditions.


How Does It Work


The system can be installed directly into the vehicle and/or trailers. Temperature sensors are installed in the required compartments. These are connected to FleetSeek’s tracking unit, which is located in the Cab. The tracking unit then links in with the FleetSeek web interface and displays the information as comprehensive temperature reports consisting of text and graphs for clearer presentation, which can then be printed, emailed and exported as required. The system also allows users to create and administer real time exception alerts to multiple managers.


Parameter examples


Up to 4 x sensors available in varying formats:

-       Air

-       Directly into Product

-       Chiller element can be monitored.


Door Sensors can also be added to monitor the temperature when doors are opened and closed and the impact of those periods.




A number of different detailed temperature reports and temperature graphs are available through the FleetSeek system dependant upon customer needs and we work with customers to deliver bespoke reports to fit their exact business needs if required.