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Rainkine Thompson Australia Pty Ltd

Trading as FleetSeek


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Use Job Dispatching Software and Electronic Work Diary (EWD).


We take a fully-integrated approach to commercial vehicle telematics, providing a complete offering tailored to the exact needs of your utilities company. 


Our solutions use API integration to work seamlessly with other enterprise systems, and our detailed reports can be exported in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Integrated approach.



Boost productivity.



Maximise what you can achieve with existing assets.


Our comprehensive reporting suite provides key operational data, electronic work diary and added insight into your fleet performance. This allows you to identify areas of underperformance and inefficiency to support the greater optimisation of mobile assets, making it easier to manage remote workers and equipment via a EWD.


Use our intelligent analytics using electronic work diary data to create plans and forecasts, enabling more accurate scheduling and efficient asset utilisation.





All the data you need. All in real time.


Easily manage your fleet and gain critical insights at a glance. Our clean and modern interface enables quicker access to the required information, with the ability to see all of your fleet on one screen.


Want to know more? Use our detailed reports to dig deeper and uncover more information regarding specific events. Check vehicle location, EWD, or system information, combined with advanced map and satellite information, to determine precisely what has happened.

Ultimate visibility.




Safer than ever.

Demonstrate industry-leading safety standards.


Our driver behaviour monitoring can collect insightful vehicle data to help you measure, analyse and respond to unsafe driving practices. Keep track of harsh manoeuvres and speeding incidents and, electronic work diary, to deliver targeted driver training to help keep your drivers and assets safe.


Use asset monitoring to keep track of remote assets and equipment, and protect lone workers with customisable alerts and duress buttons, ensuring that your work environment is correctly supervised, no matter where it  might be.




Act faster and more precisely in crucial situations.


Use live vehicle track and trace combined with up-to-date satellite imagery, real-time traffic updates and GIS data to help monitor situations as they develop. Our solutions enable you to react quickly to changing priorities and distribute resources where they are needed most, helping to provide the best response in urgent situations.

Respond immediately.