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Rainkine Thompson Australia Pty Ltd

Trading as FleetSeek


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PO Box 4008

East Richmond

VIC 3121


1300 693 533


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To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.







FleetSeek believes that to be a successful company it must maintain a successful social strategy.


We are fully committed to maintaining good corporate social behavior among staff, customers and stakeholders and in responsibility towards the environment.



FleetSeek is committed to providing an inclusive working environment where all employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.


It is important to us that everyone feels equally valued, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, religious persuasion, disability or age.


As an innovator, it is essential that we attract and retain the best people to continue to grow and provide the best products and services to our customers.



We aim to meet our customers' business objectives in a safe, cost effective and sustainable manner.


Their feedback is vital in helping us improve the service we provide on future projects.



When selecting suppliers, we have a strict policy of ensuring that they are fully committed to their own corporate social responsibility policies.


As part of our quality policy, reviews of suppliers, their products, ethical working practices and facilities are carried out regularly.



The philosophy behind our environmental policy is simple. Our customers operate vehicles which have a severe impact upon the environment. We aim to help reduce this impact.


FleetSeek is committed to environmental values and to reduce pollution - in particular energy consumption and CO2 emissions - and ensure good resource and waste management practices and controls.