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Fleet Tracking Software & GPS Vehicle Tracking System Australia

FleetSeek (RTL Australia) is at the forefront of Fleet Utilisation technology. Globally we supply solutions in over 20 Countries and across 6 continents. RTL has over 25 years experience in the telematics industry internationally, with over 10 years experience in Australia.

We have recently implemented a Camera Feature that is live, and can send accident alerts straight to your inbox. No need to remove SD cards. FleetSeek is a nationally recognised Fleet Tracking Software Solutions provider; currently working with some of the biggest brands in the Market. Internationally FleetSeek is affiliated with RTL Telematics, which has been operating in the telematics space since 2002. Today our customer base covers over twenty countries spanning six continents.


Experience Cutting Edge Cloud Based GPS tracking Solutions

FleetSeek provides real time GPS Safety Systems, Fleet tracking software and customised management reports with the smartest fleet tracking software management tools in Australia today. It’s all accessible via our online customer portal, where you will find in-depth data on your fleet that makes you think that you were behind the wheel yourself. To back up this wealth of information, our fleet utilisation consultants provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service. 


To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.


Having this information will help your business make informed decisions, such as a GPS Tracker Truck, wich is our cloud based solutions designed specifically to maange large assets. GPS Tracker Truck, is ideal for logistics, long haul, and transport businesses. The solution provides accurate information across a range of operational activities, saving you time and money. FleetSeek is proud to say that our fleet tracking software is available Australia wide. Our Tracking Systems have had a dramatic impact on clients’ bottom lines, streamlining and improving efficiency with measurable results. 


Experience the FleetSeek difference for yourself with the smartest Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking software in Australia today. Request a demonstration from our fleet management consultants today.



Our GPS Tracking Systems consultants provide a solution-based service that is hassle free and competitively priced. It’s easy to see why we’re a preferred provider of fleet management services.  


FleetSeek provides Tracking Systems, across Australia, with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and customised management reports.  Take your busniess to the next level with the smartest fleet management software in Australia today. 


Our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions come with dedicated consultants that provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.


Trade-In your existing system for an advanced FleetSeek one!


FleetSeek is a robust and established GPS solutions provider. Our international offering means that due to the demand, and our in-house end-to-end production process - we are able to offer considerable cost savings to our customers. Without compromising on quality - in fact having a production process in house, means that we can make it especially for you!!


Unlike other suppliers in the market - we are not reliant on external manufacturing processes, which usually means higher costs for basic hardware for the customer! Our solutions are half the price of solutions available on the market - and we are able to leverage our in-house capability to look at Trade in options for you!!


So no longer do you need to stick with a mediocre GPS solution just because you have paid for the hardware outright!! Why not talk to us today 1300 693 533!!




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