Our hardware can gather electronic engine data and translate it into meaningful and measurable information using our report suite. This gives a clear view of a driver’s performance & enables you to analyse and act on these operational insights. Our solution provides quality information leading to increased safety, efficiency and enhanced driver training initiatives.

Data Monitoring

Our driver behaviour reports have been developed as a comprehensive driver and vehicle reporting package featuring customisable reports.  We can capture a range of operational data including GPS, accelerometer, information from the engine control unit (ECU) and Electronic Braking Systems (EBS). With this information our reports can create the clearest view possible of your driver performance. This places all employees & assets on an even playing field.


Our safety report provides insight into how vehicles are being driven and where driving style improvements can be made. This information helps drivers and fleet managers mitigate risk, reduce road collisions and operate responsibility. Similarly, our efficiency report gives an understanding into how drivers and vehicles are performing and identifies where fuel savings can be made.


Our driver behaviour suite delivers a range of benefits that tackle and address some of the most common issues when managing a commercial fleet. Not only will it help you improve road safety, achieve compliance and enhance corporate image, but also reduce your fuel costs and operate at optimum efficiency.

Driving Behaviour League Table.png
Benefits of using Driving Behaviour

Reduce maintenance costs

Lower accident frequency

Reduce fuel consumption

Easily establish KPIs to gauge driver safety and passenger comfort levels

A useful risk assessment tool to help ensure Health and Safety compliance