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The Scorpion camera works alongside our software platform to bring together a fully-featured telematics solution with a high definition safety camera. It delivers the functionality of  a GPS tracker, with fleet reporting and high definition footage. The Scorpion camera transmits footage of driving incidents via the mobile network to secure servers. Incidents can then be viewed via the Fleetseek portal, helping you better protect, monitor and manage your fleet.



Coming 2021
Vehicle Safety Camera

Features include, but are not limited to;

  • Track and Trace functionality

  • Instant visibility of events in full HD video

  • Non-volatile memory storage reduces the risk of corruption to the minimum

  • Web-based interface

  • Highly Accurate up to 1000Hz Sensors to Accurately Detect Harsh Driving Events

  • Mobile Application for iOS and Android

  • Ability to request the video on demand remotely

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Video Tool

This report is an easy way to see high level events over a specified period of time for the selected vehicles.

  • Alerts can be programmed to notify you when a high level event has been triggered

  • Video footage of incidents are instantly available to view

  • Videos can be downloaded for use in insurance claims and legal proceedings

Video Request Tool

Should an event not qualify as a high level event, you are able to request footage from our servers.

  • Obtain footage through the cloud instead of taking out the SD card

  • Videos can be downloaded for use in insurance claims and legal proceedings

  • Assist in investigations of third party accidents

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Benefits of using the Scorpion Camera

Reduce accident frequency

Drive down average third party claim costs

Gauge driver and overall fleet safety

Prove fault and actual events

Detect unsafe driving

Identify driver training needs

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