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Our GPS tracking system locates your fleet in real-time, providing individual vehicle information such as location, direction, speed, and status. All of which can be accessed from any internet-enabled device and viewed live on an interactive map via the track report. Using the trace report, route replay provides a comprehensive trace of a vehicle’s movements with data points and triggered alerts.

Historical data can be accessed using the Trip, Stop & Activity reports. This provides you with an overview of key operational data and gives added insight into your fleet performance. 

Alerts & Notifications

Live alerts and notifications not only keep you up to date on the progress of vehicles and incidents but also allow you to react as situations occur, rather than simply reporting on them later.  Notifications can be sent to single or multiple recipients in email or SMS format.

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Geofencing & Routing

The ability to create an unlimited number of geofences – any shape or size – makes it possible for you to be alerted when vehicles approach, enter or exit key locations or deviate from a planned route.  Similarly, routes can be defined on the track and trace system to provide immediate visibility of any off-route driving incidents. 

Operational Reporting

Our suite of standard reports provide added insight into your fleet performance with key operational data such as activity, trips & stops, timesheets, idling, odometer and idle time. This allows you to identify areas of inefficiency, enabling you to streamline processes across the board.

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Benefits of using Track & Trace

Reduce fuel consumption

Optimise deliveries and increase jobs per day

Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use

Verify driver timesheets and lower overtime claims

Enhance customer service levels

Increase vehicle security

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