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With over 10 years of experience in the Australian commercial vehicle marketplace, FleetSeek Australia has continued to build on its success and knowledge of the telematics industry. We have a focused approach to telematics engineering, as we adapt to the ever changing market.

Our success stems from extensive R&D with many years analysing engine, driver and vehicle data for the purpose of optimising fleet efficiency. We provide advanced tracking, monitoring & reporting systems together with sophisticated management tools.  These can optimise fleet safety & efficiency, overcome operational challenges and enhance business performance. 


FleetSeek employs a talented & dedicated team of passionate professionals. Our team strive to provide the highest level of customer service.

Integrated Approach

Our unique fully-integrated approach to commercial vehicle telematics, provides the customer with a complete solution tailored to exact customer needs. 

Proven Technology

Our proven telematics platform is able to meet precise fleet objectives by working alongside a wide range of tracking units and accessory options.


Fleetseek’s products are built for durability & reliability and are designed and implemented to work with other onboard vehicle systems. Their effectiveness & reliability has made us the telematics company of choice for commercial vehicle operators Australia wide.

Technical Expertise and Continual Product Innovation

We are one of the few telematics companies that offers safety and efficiency reporting from both a driver and a vehicle perspective. Our range of software applications and hardware options allow us to create effective vehicle and driver reporting packages.


We are able to benefit from our UK parent company (RTL Systems) in its development of new technologies.  RTL has developed long term working relationships with academia, government, and major commercial vehicle / engine manufacturers, and has access to many third party resources. 

Financial Soundness

Fleek seek is a privately owned company and has enjoyed steady growth since its launch in Australia over 10 years ago. Funded internally from our core operations, we are a stable and financially viable business.


We have been fortunate to work with many well respected, high profile organisations within Australia, and developed many long term relationships. Working from our Metro office in Victoria, our main goal is to effectively meet our customers’ objectives in a safe, cost effective & sustainable manner. We strive to deliver the best experience from end to end, from product development to customer support. 

Customer’s feedback is vital to us and integral in helping us improve the service we provide on future projects.

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