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Trucking and Logistics

Maximise the efficiency and promote safe habits within your staff by using the below reports as training tools. Driver ID gives you the ability to generate driver specific reports, which can be used to create a league table of safest drivers.

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

  • Video tool

  • Driver ID

  • Geofences (when a delivery truck enters/leaves/delayed in a fence, an alert will sent to nominated people) 

Trades and Services

Cut down response times using our “closest to” feature within our track screen. Stop unauthorised use by using the remote immobilisation tool when needed. Using the video tool you can view high level events within seconds of them being created.

  • “Nearest to” within live tracking

  • Idling

  • Immobilisation

  • Geofence

  • Video tool

Private Chartered Vehicles

Ensure that your vehicles are on track to arrive at their destination on time. The video tool can be used to view high level events seconds after they occur. These can also be saved & used as evidence in insurance claims.
•    Video Tool
•    Track, including Nearest To
•    Trace
•    Geofence Alert
•    Manoeuvres

Construction and Plant Equipment

Have peace of mind when equipment is left on site with our alerts and reports. Using the remote immobilisation, you can prevent theft and unauthorised use. Keep on top of usage levels and create scheduled maintenance alerts to maintain and optimise longevity of your assets. 

  • Geofence Alerts

  • Trip & Stop totals (usage times)

  • Immobilisation (theft prevention)

  • Scheduled maintenance 

  • Digit I/O


Maximise safety and promote safe habits by using the Video tool and Speeding report. With company vehicles that are used privately the Work/Play setting will restrict the data collected out of hours. 

  • Video tool

  • Work/Play (Out of hours driving)

  • Speeding

  • Driver ID

Construction & Plant Equipment
Transport & Logistics
Trades & Services
Private Chatered Vehicles
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