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A New Generation Of Telematics

FleetSeek (RTL Australia) are a national supplier to the commercial vehicle market of Safety Cameras & GPS Tracking solutions.

With over 25 years experience in the telematics industry internationally, and with over 10 years’ experience in Australia, we are at the forefront in delivering GPS Tracker Safety Systems, Fleet tracking software and customised management reports.

Simply Intuitive

Easily manage large fleets and gain critical insights at a glance. The clean and modern interface enables quick access to the required information.

Cloud-based System

Web-based platform provides your mobile workforce with access to vital fleet information, reports and alerts. 

Instant Alerts

Customise notification parameters to alert the right people. React to quickly changing conditions and help protect your fleet.


Our camera solution combines the functionality of a GPS tracking system and a safety camera. It can record & transmit footage triggered by harsh driving events via the mobile network and then stores them on secure servers. This is then available for viewing on our web-based portal, within minutes of occurring.

Integrated GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleetseek units gather a wide range of operational information from your vehicle, including electronic engine data. Our software applications are easy to navigate and can meet most requirements.  Standard reports include; Track/Trace, Trips, Stops, Activity, Geofencing, Idling, Speeding & more. 

Track _ Trace Trace report.png
Effective Fleet Management

Our advanced GPS tracker & cloud based  platform is designed to assist in managing your fleet with ease. It is an ideal solution for logistics, trade & transport businesses. It provides visibility, streamlines operations & improves efficiency. The platform is available  from any internet enabled device.


For further information on our solutions or to request a trial click the link below

At a Glance

Display all of your assets and drivers on a single screen, providing a quick insight into the current status of your operations.

Proactive Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance through the use of automated reminders and eliminate unnecessary servicing.

Efficient Driving

Identify and reduce inefficient driving practices using our driver behaviour reports. These monitor over-rev, poor gear selection, excessing idling and harsh maneuvers.

Stop Unauthorised Use

With continuous monitoring and the ability to create custom notifications and alerts, you can eradicate unauthorised use and fraudulent kilometer claims.

Vehicle Longevity

Detect vehicle wear and tear by monitoring driver behaviours through the use of safety reports. Identify poor habits and encourage good driving techniques.

Safe and Secure

Know where your assets are 24/7 and receive instant alerts to notify you of theft, speeding up asset recovery.

Limit Liability

Accurate GPS and accelerometer data can verify vehicle locations, movements and driving styles to eliminate fraudulent insurance claims.

Streamlined Administration

Keep on top of administrative tasks with simple reports and alerts. Download driver timesheets, trip/stop and activity reports or schedule them to be emailed.

Fuel Tax Credit Rebate

Using raw GPS data, we can assist your company in claiming fuel tax credits. For more information about fuel tax credits, please call the FleetSeek staff on 1300 693 533.

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